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We aim at producing problem-solvers by recognizing and encouraging curiosity, innovation and creativity among the Niger Delta youth.

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Who Be Who in I.C.T. is a competition geared towards promoting innovation among the Nigerian youth, beginning from the Niger Delta region. After all, they say charity begins at home, and we are very pragmatic about that approach.

Just as you can’t deny the evidence of a seed sown with the right preparations, we cannot hide the evidence of countries whose youth are technologically savvy. Take the likes of Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos for instance, whose genius inventions have made the United States of America the hub of I.C.T. We want Nigerians among that list in the future, and Nigeria renowned as such a hotspot, but we have to start now!

In today’s technological evolving world, coding has become more necessary and valuable; especially among the younger generation, plus it comes with multiple benefits like increased creativity, problem-solving and logical reasoning skills, as well as teaching perseverance and determination. Why not join us encourage curiosity and inspire innovation today?

– Robert Timi Spiff    

Manager, Production Assets

Boungbai Computers Netware Ltd.

Why Who Be Who in I.C.T.?

We are like people woken up from slumber, do you feel it? We slept through the Agricultural age, too busy to embrace the Industrial age and now scrambling to access the information Age. I believe with vigor we can secure even the last seat in the I.C.T. train and on proving ourselves against all that stand our rival to take the driver’s seat, thus; setting the pace for the world. The fact remains that only humans change the world as every man is a resource which translate to technology. No doubt, we have all that is required to move the earth. After all, America, China, India, and Britain do not have aliens who come to do I.C.T. works for them.

However, it is time to look inward and build to turn the Niger Delta a Smart Zone. With the realities of today’s global competiveness for economic survival we must be self-reliant and self-sufficient and I.C.T. promises to grant us safe landing. In the words of Socrates: “The best way to build any society is to begin with the young and make them just as good as possible”. Who be Who in I.C.T. talents, inventions and applications thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Niger Delta I.C.T. talents and enterprises in their constant pursuit of creative and better education to meet local businesses and social needs. This will encourage local content/craftsmanship by building I.C.T. inventions to solve our problems based on our environment and its challenges and export such (Software, Hardware and Multimedia) to other parts of the world.

The competition/award stand to bridge the gaps between companies in need of capable labour and individuals with the required skill, thus; solving the problem of unemployment and reducing the cost of running companies locally.

Who be who in I.C.T. stand as a show-ground for investors to build new companies in the industry by leveraging on talents on-the-spot basis and build them to be world beaters.

– Oyeinnoah Paris Digifa

President, Boungbai Group

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